About Us

We have a simple strategy:

  • Offer hosted eCommerce software solutions to small businesses that want to sell online.
  • Market their businesses with targeted search engine optimizations (SEO) and meshed linking.
  • Drive potential customers to their websites to complete the transaction.

Zropa transforms a complex reality into a simple solution for online stores.  Behind the scenes, Zropa is busy maximizing online marketing strategies in the form of key phrases, mesh linking, real-time marketstore upgrades, and adaptive payments solutions via PayPal.  As Zropa grows so does the online presence of its stores.

Zropa wants to earn your business.  Our business model is designed around the needs of small businesses like yours:

  • Ability to get online quickly and easily.
  • Hassle free web store with user friendly adminstrative features, e.g. add product
  • Cutting edge marketing strategies implemented by Zropa Marketplace
  • Meshed linking (SEO strategy that allows high rankings on search engine sites)
  • Customer friendly invoicing

Your choice is simple.  Pay a monthly rate to have a shopping cart and hassle with your own marketing and SEO or quickly setup a free domain, a free shopping cart, and let Zropa handle the marketing and SEO while you enjoy increased online traffic and only pay when you actually make a sale.  That simple, that easy.


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